presentations & publications


C2U Expo 2017 Conference (Burnaby)."Moving to Action: What are Best Practices in Assessing and Supporting Community Engagement Opportunities?"

World Social Forum (Montreal), Aug 2016: “From Dialog to Engagement: How can public conversations help foster critical citizenship?

International Conference on the Constructed Environment (Tucson), April 2016: Paper Places: An Exploration of Childhood, Mapmaking, and the Commons

World Assembly of the International Council for Adult Education (Montreal), June 2015: "Peer Learning and Seniors Education: the Structure and Method of the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning"

Graduate Symposium in the Department of Education at Concordia University (Montreal), March 2015: Educational Studies Alumni Panel.

FemHackFest 2014 (Montreal), November 2014: "From Hackerspaces to Mencaves: Gendered Interactions at Foulab"

Celebrating Lifelong Learning Conference (Montreal), August 2014: "Bridging Divides: University Lifelong Learning in the Community"

International Baccalaureate Conference (Montreal), August 2014: "How to Build a Social Action Campaign"

Graduate Symposium in the Department of Education at Concordia University (Montreal), April 2014: Educational Studies Alumni Panel.

New Directions in the Humanities (Budapest), June 2013: “Movement Hacking: Hackerspaces and Social Movements 

 Canadian Association for University Continuing Education Annual Conference (Montreal), May 2013: “Expanding the Concept of Lifelong Learning beyond the Campus: The Experience of the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning within the Wider Quebec Community 

Alternative Education Resource Organization Annual Conference, May 2013. (Accepted.) "Hackers, Makers, and John Dewey: Collaborative Education for Technological Literacy"

Performance in/and the Street Symposium (Toronto), April 2013: “Sports for the People, by the People: Anarchist Soccer, Body Politics and Educational Autonomy 

Oxford Brookes Architecture Live Projects Symposium (Oxford), May 2012: “Gentrification and Autonomous Communities of Practice in the Montreal South-West”

The North American Students for Cooperation Annual Conference (Ann Arbour), Nov 2011: “John Dewey, Hackerspaces and Technological Literacy

International Conference on the Constructed Environment (Chicago), Oct 2011: “John Dewey's Educational Philosophy and Collaborative Education”

The National Interdisciplinary Graduate Symposium at Concordia University (Montreal), May 2011:  “Dewey Wuz a Hacker: Hackerspaces and Autonomous Education

Community Learning Centers Initiative of Quebec Annual Conference (Montreal), May 2011: "Donors, Mailouts and Events: How to Fundraise Successfully and Sustainably", "Grant Applications, l'Action Communautaire and YOU: How to Navigate the Provincial Funding Landscape"

Colloque L'évaluation par et pour le communautaire: Un pas de plus vers la transformation sociale (Montreal), March 2011: "L'évaluation évolutive: Une approche originale pour mesurer l'impact de notre travail?" with Stephanie Garrow.

Academy of Management Annual Conference (Montreal), May 2010:Careering with Passion: Working in the Third Sector

National Campus-Community Radio Conference (Montreal), June 2009: "Conflict Mediation Fundamentals and Campus-Community Radio"

5ième Sommet Citoyen (Montreal), June 2009: "Conversations and Citizenship", with Elizabeth Hunt.

World Social Forum (Belem), Jan 2009: “Youth involvement in Quebec, France and Brazil”


International Council for Adult Education, May 2015: "Expanding the Concept of Lifelong Learning Beyond the Campus: The Experience of the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning within the Wider Quebec Community". With Sandra Frisby, Christie Huff and Astri Thorvik.

Forum Perspectives on the Status of Electronic Equipment in Montreal, April 2013: “Movement Hacking: Hackerspaces and Social Movements

Cahier Brouillon Général! L’École erratique (Montreal) June 2011. Publication produced in the context of l’École erratique, held at Skol from May 17 to 9 June 2011. With François Deck, Faiz Abhuani, Fortner Anderson, Gentiane Bélanger, Anne Bertrand, Sophie Castonguay, François Deck, Thomas Grondin, Patric Lacasse, Sophie LePhat Ho, Catherine Melançon, Bernard Schütze and Felicity Tayler.

DPI # 20, March 2011: “Foulab Montréal Hackerspace - A Place to Meet, Learn and Do-It-Yourself. With Christina Haralanova

Organization Unbound, September 2010: Organizational Hacking

Organization Unbound, July 2010: Anarchist Soccer 

Organization Unbound, July 2010: My Life as an Organization

The Philanthropist, Sept 2009: review, “Forces for Good: The six practices of high-impact non- profits”

NDG Community Council, 2009 “Living in St Raymond”