mediator & coach

As a facilitator and mediator, I use an open, systems-mapping approach that ackowledges that we are complex, multi-faceted individuals with overlapping passions, commitments and values. As a personal and professional coach, I draw on a deep respect for the capacity people have in envisioning themselves differently.  

In my work with groups and individuals, I use an exploratory approach that has us engage in conversations - both at the onset and over the course of our work together.

Past-current contracts include:

  • I designed and led work-life balance retreats for the McGill University Health Center (2016)
  • I animated sessions throughout Quebec on patient-centered research for the Canadian Institutes on Health Research (2015)
  • I acted as project development specialist for the McGill Office for Campus Life and Engagement (2015)
  • I provided executive coaching services to the Artexte art center (2015)
  • I designed and led an organization-wide sustainability retreat for catering and event planning company Avocado (2012)
  • I led design charettes as part of a research project on the social housing development potential in NDG for the Corporation de dévelopement économique communautaire NDG (2008)  

I obtained my certification in conflict mediation (lvl 1 and 2) through the Conflict Analysis & Intervention program at the Center for Human Relations & Community Studies (Concordia University). The program was designed by Dr Ghislaine Guérard and led me to develop an appreciation for mapping a conflict and understanding different styles of communication.

My training as a coach was through the rigorous certificate program in Personal & Professional Coaching at the Center for Human Relations & Community Studies. Led by Dr Jim Gavin and Dr Madeleine Mcbrearty, the program allowed me to become proficient at using a number of techniques including: group coaching, appreciative inquiry, the Johari Window and in using tests such as the Enneagram and the Myers Briggs Type indicator as a starting point to self consideration. In my work as a coach, I adhere to the ethical codes of conduct set forth by the International Coaching Federation.

Group process facilitation, conflict mediation and communication training were recurrent aspects of my work with the Center for Community Organizations (COCo). As a process faciliator, I have led strategic planning excercises, board trainings, communications planning and fundraising trainings. It was also while at COCo that I became familiar with the community mediation approach used by the St Stephen Community House in Toronto. I've received additional training at the Centre Québécois de PNL (Quebec Center for Neuro-Linguistic Programming) on Clean Language with Jennifer DeGandt.


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